Thoughts on Functional Programming in Scala Course (Coursera)

At Lazada‘s Data Science team, I use Spark a fair bit, especially when the data gets big (e.g., online behavioural and transaction data). While PySpark, the Python API for Spark was available when I started, I decided early on to code in Scala. Perhaps I relished the challenge or just wanted to pick up a new language.

Why take the Functional Programming in Scala course?

Before the course, my programming skills in Scala were mainly self taught, through the school of hard knocks and stackoverflow. Thus, when the course was made available on Coursera, I saw the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Scala (away from Spark) and its syntax in a structured fashion.

How is the course like?

The course is taught by Martin Odersky, designer of the Scala programming language. It follows a structure commonly found in MOOCs—approximately two hours of lectures (more theoretical) and a lab assignment taking three hours (more practical) weekly.

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First post!

Placeholder ImageI’ve finally decided to buckle down and start blogging, with the main intent of practising (and hopefully, improving) my writing. Let’s see how far we get.