SortMySkills is now live!

SortMySkills is now live on! Check it out here.


What is SortMySkills?

It is a card sorting game to help users discover their passion by sorting skills into what they like and dislike using.

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Product Classification API Part 1: Data Acquisition and Formatting

To gain practice with building data products end-to-end, I recently developed a product classification API. The API helps classify products based on its title—instead of figuring out which category your product belongs to (out of thousands), you can provide the title and the API returns the top 3 most likely categories. The API is available for demo here:


In this series of posts, I’ll share about the process of building such an API, including:

  • Data acquisition and formatting (this post)
  • Data cleaning and preparation (part 2)
  • API development (part 3)

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