Building a Strong Data Science Team Culture

I know, I know. I’m guilty of not posting over the past four months. Things have been super hectic at Lazada with Project Voyager (i.e., migrating to Alibaba’s tech stack) since last September and then preparing for our birthday campaign in end Apr. In fact, I’m writing this while on vacation =)

One of my first objectives after becoming Data Science Lead at Lazada—a year ago—was to build a strong team culture. Looking back, based on feedback from the team and leadership, this endeavor was largely a success and contributed to increased team productivity and engagement.

Why culture?

When I first joined the Lazada data team, we had 4-5 data engineers and data scientists combined. A year later, we grew to 16. After another year, we were 40-ish. During 1-on-1s with the team, some of the earlier team members raised concerns that our culture was being diluted as we scaled, and it “didn’t feel the same anymore”. Back then, different team members had different views of what our culture was.

In addition, during interviews, many candidates would ask about our culture—this was key in determining if Lazada Data Science was a good fit for them. Having a culture document available for sharing before interviews allowed candidates to learn more about us beforehand, and was more scalable (than answering questions at interviews).

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