Thoughts on CS7642: Reinforcement Learning

I know, I know, I’m guilty of not writing over the last four months. Things have been super hectic with project Voyager at Lazada, switching over to the new platform in end March and then preparing for our birthday campaign in end Apr. Any free time I had outside of that was poured into the Georgia Tech Reinforcement Learning (CS7642), which is the subject of this post.

The course was very enriching and fun. Throughout the course, we learnt techniques that allow one to optimize outcomes while navigating the world, and were introduced to several seminal and cutting edge (at least back in 2018) papers. I highly recommend this course for anyone who’s part of the Georgia Tech OMSCS.

An especially fun project involved landing a rocket in OpenAI’s LunarLander environment. This was implemented via deep reinforcement learning approaches. Here’s how the agent did on its first try (in reinforcement learning, we refer to the “models” as agents; more here). As you can see, it crashed right onto the surface. =(

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