Data Science and Agile—can or not?

Recently, I was invited to moderate a panel on the topic “Data Science and Agile–can or not?” It’s a Singlish way of asking if Agile can be applied in the domain of data science. The panel was held in conjunction with GovTech’s inaugural STACK conference for developers, programmers, and technologists from the private sector.


Who was in the panel?

The panel involved the following guests, from right to left in the photo above:

  • Ivan Zimine: Physicist and neuroscientist who works on complex systems while applying open source and open practices.
  • Adam Drake: Formerly Chief Data Office at Skyscanner and Redmart, with an exemplary record in the design, development, and delivery of cost-effective, high performance tech teams and systems.
  • Steven Koh: Director of Government Digital Services at GovTech leading the Agile Consulting and Engineering team and evangelising agile development in the government.
  • Eugene Yan (that’s me as moderator): Formerly VP of Data Science at Lazada (acquired by Alibaba), currently Senior Data Scientist at

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